In times of Yore there lived a Mythical Creature 
whose magical powers and strength were legend. 
Dragon was his name and he was feared by many. 
Was he good, or was he evil? 
Was he noble and wise 
 or full 
of wrath and vengeance? 
Enter the world of the Dragon and find out.
Draconis Theory is a free online dragon game about breeding, training, and battling dragons. 
Learn new skills, choose their battle tactics, and battle monsters in 
Epic showdowns of skill and strategy.  Each dragon 
has a unique set of stats, traits, and genetics which 
determine how well they will battle and what they look like. 
Watch your dragon eggs hatch, your babies grow, and improve the next generation over their parents.
<br>Gain territory while battling, and explore new lands.

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Game Stats
Active Clans: 4044
Dragons: 96640
Talented: 8242
Eggs: 1591
Hatched Today: 202
Summoned Today: 50
Unique Skills: 155
Auctions: 26
Battles Today: 114
Recent Activity

Tempest and Blink have bred, producing 3 eggs. 10 minutes ago
✡ Analcime* has defeated a Hill Giant in battle. 10 minutes ago
ℵ Impressa has learned Defense skill: Intimidate 13 minutes ago
✡ Analcime* has gone exploring in the Wilderness. 17 minutes ago
✡ Amethyst* has defeated a Hill Giant in battle. 18 minutes ago
Jho Squaller msm has gone exploring in the Wilderness. 20 minutes ago
dark bone has defeated a Sea Serpent in battle. 22 minutes ago
Sparkle egg 2 has defeated a Sea Serpent in battle. 22 minutes ago
  • Welcome To Draconis Theory!


    Immerse yourself in a world of wonderfully colored dragons who are waiting for you to train, breed and battle them. Learn skills, battle monsters, and explore your territory!

    Fun Online Dragon Game
  • Breed For Improvement


    Research bloodlines, offspring, talent, and genes to produce the perfect baby and increase their battle ratings!

    Breed Dragons In This Online Dragon Game
  • Caves And Nurseries


    Your dragons will live in Caves, and hatch their eggs in Nurseries.

    Caves And Nurseries
  • Skill Master


    As your Dragons level up, they will visit the Skill Master to learn new Skills.

    Skill Master
  • Battle Monsters


    There are more than 100 Mythical NPC Monsters for your dragons to defeat!

    Battle Monsters
  • Magic Shoppe


    Our Magic Shoppe offers many Potions and Items to help your dragon in battle!

    Magic Shoppe
  • Expand Your Territory


    As you defeat the monsters you will earn new Territory to explore!

  • Explore The Wilderness


    Explore your Territory and Hunt Prey, discover Treasure, and Mythical Monsters to battle!

    Explore The Wilderness
  • Defeat The Bosses


    You may encounter mazes while exploring that have bosses to defeat and treasure to be won.

    Explore The Wilderness
  • Visit The Pub


    After battle, visit our Pub and chat with other Patrons!

    Visit The Pub
  • Roleplay


    Roleplay with your friends.

    Visit The Pub
  • Community


    Visit our Forums for chat, advice, and help with your questions.


Dresden - 218502
Tuatha De' Danaan - 168137
Henderson - 142161
Iron Shields - 126625
Ghost Warriors - 116078

Turbo MT38 - 351
SS Dreamcaster - 343
!593315 - 340
555943 - Ry/Wwy/Cb SsOo - 339
Desert Dust - 332

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